Virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) – 2020 on Sunday, December 27, from 11.00AM to 2.00PM

Dear ABEAC members,

We are living in difficult times as the world is going through COVID-19 pandemic. ABEAC regular activities of this year 2020 also impacted by COVID-19 though some activities are being conducted virtually wherever possible. We hope everyone is safe from this pandemic.

I, Mafizul Islam, Executive Director pleased to invite you to Annual General Meeting (AGM) -2020 of ABEAC on Sunday, December 27 from 11.00AM to 2.00PM. This AGM will be held virtually and Zoom Meeting link information is given below: 6034487?pwd=OEVDb2xJNklFVzc2OW xIS1RRRUs5UT09

Meeting ID: 731 9603 4487
Password: 6zJg9D

You will require to download Zoom Meeting ( to attend this virtual meeting through desktop/laptop/smartphone.

– Introduction: 11:00 AM – 11:15 AM
– Welcome Speech (President): 11:15 AM – 11.30 AM
– ABEAC activities-2020 presentation (Executive Director): 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM
– Financial statement/Audit report & approval (Director Finance/ED): 12.15 PM – 12.30 PM
– Questions/Answers (Q/A): 12.30 PM – 1.10 PM
– ABEAC Election -2021 and announcement of Election Commission: 1.10 PM – 1.40 PM
– Virtual Socialization and Closing: 1.40 PM – 2.00 PM

You are requested to attend this AGM and provide your valuable suggestions/comments to make our beloved ABEAC stronger.

If you have any questions please send to any of our ABEAC Executive Members or email to [email protected]

Stay safe and well!

Thanks and Best regards!

Mafizul Islam, M.Eng., PMP, PE, P.Eng.
Executive Director, ABEAC

Subrota Bairagi, MBA, P.Eng.
President, ABEAC.
Cell: (403) 477-9655

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